How To Setup An Email In Outlook 2019


This article is provided as a courtesy to TopsWebHost customers to help them configure their Outlook software to work with TopsWebHost hosting solutions.

Before you start, be sure you have these handy:

  • Your domain name:
  • Your email address: 
  • Your email password.


1. Open Outlook 2019, and enter your full email address,, in the Email address field… Check “Let me set up my account manually” and click on “Connect”

2. On the Advanced setup options, click on “IMAP”.

3. You will be directed to the IMAP Account Settings. Enter the Incoming mail and Outgoing mail as follows:

Incoming mail
  • Server –
  • Port – 993
  • Encryption method – SSL/TLS
Outgoing mail
  • Server –
  • Port – 465
  • Encryption method – SSL/TLS

4. Lastly, enter your password and click “Connect”

You can try these alternative ports below if the Port 465, for the Outgoing mail server is not working.

Alternative ports: 8025, 587, 80 or 25. TLS is available on the same ports.

SSL is available on ports 465, 8465 and 443.