Search Engine Optimization: Importance, and how It can be done right.

Search Engine Optimization Importance

So what exactly is this SEO, you may ask. Well, SEO is an abbreviation for Search engine optimisation, and it happens to be a powerful tool used by most businesses to generate real and relevant organic traffic to their website. The beauty of this tool is that, no payment is to be made to anyone.

This tool is very powerful in this 21st century where we have businesses going online, so S.E.O is the newest and cheapest form of getting traffic to your content, and possibly make some money out of your content. We see this as the cheapest digital marketing tool, though you need some skill in order to get it right. It is of utmost importance to get it right, otherwise you will not be so different from someone shouting on top of an isolated mountain.


Search Engine Optimization


Here is how it works

Major search engines such as Google, have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos, articles, documents and local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to the user. Google crawls the web, indexes data, and presents search results using a scoring system called Page Rank to determine which links are presented first on the search results. For example, try to search tramstech on Google, and you will notice our pages are at the top. Your business’ online presence can be your most powerful tool, then why not enhance that powerful tool by investing some time in SEO, even if you have no time to do it yourself, you can hire freelance teams to optimise your online presence.

The Internet is presenting a lot of business opportunities, and Internet usage is ever-increasing. For most average Internet users, their first port of call when they need something is google, so imagine if someone searches for something that you posted, and used the SEO tool, and google presents your website to them first before they see any other website, sure this is good competitive edge, so why not maximise on that,and make as much sales as you possibly can.

Never underestimate the power of digital marketing in this technologically advanced world, as it can push up sales, or increase the traffic to your website and increase your visibility.

Tracking your progress

There is a way however, you could use to track your performance, just to see if your SEO goals are being met, or to see if you are improving. Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use freely to measure and improve your website as it deals with your site visitors, user activity, dwell time metrics, incoming search terms, and what have you. In addition to tracking every bit of traffic you could imagine on your website, Google Analytics also provides many keyword insights as to which terms people use to land on your pages, and you could leverage that by creating content around what your visitors are looking for, since you now know how they found you.


Improving your Ranking

Seo can sometimes prove to be costly if you so decide to hire someone to do it for you, thought it is actually is worth it, if you have no time to sit in front of your computer screen to DIY or you do not have the skill to do it. Luckily though, there are some websites that let you post ads, linking with your website and this will effectively increase your traffic and your ranking also should improve. To visit and check out one such website, Click here and sign up. Below are some Tips and Tricks on doing SEO right, and the beauty of it is that these tips work whether you want to write the code for your website or you want to do it the easy way, which is using WordPress.



  • Using catchy keywords for all your posts. Keywords are terms or (more often than not) phrases you would expect someone to search for to find your website. With SEO you pick your keywords and create pages focused on them.
  • Making sure you have back-links. Write press releases and articles and syndicate them on other sites. Link back to your site (using your keywords when possible) in the article signature block. Syndication, according to Search Engine Land is when you take content which is already published on your own site, and you give one or more other parties permission to post a copy of that content on their site.
  • The use of Meta Tags. According to Hobo , most Meta tags do not noticeably influence where a page ranks in Google in a positive way though, Meta tags, when used properly can still be useful in a number of areas outside just ranking pages e.g. to improve click-through rates from the SERP. Abuse them, and you might fall foul of Google’s punitive quality algorithms.
  • Google Trends is another tool you can use, as it can show you the rise of potential terms and SEO opportunities for your content in a graphical format, which is very easy to interpret.


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